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The challenge of the day’s activities

Heavenly Father, thank you for the challenge of the day’s activities.

As I look back on them, I ask forgiveness for whenever I shrank back in fear, for whenever I felt weak in my own strength, for whenever I drew into my own shell of self, for whenever I let my own inertia keep me from positive action.

Thank you for those moments when your will was at the forefront of my mind, when your Spirit was producing its fruit in my conduct, when Jesus was the example for my words and actions, when Scripture rang in my ears and braced me for spiritual battle.

Let me learn from today’s mistakes, rejoice in good choices, and be comforted that your love is constant as I strive to be more like the Lord Jesus Christ each day.

The choice to be glad

Heavenly Father, we thank you for time to be with family and to enjoy the good things of life. We ask you to bless those who have neither, those who are alone on this day, in prison, in hospital, in travels, in care homes, at service, or living alone. Bless them through us, that we might serve them in some way. Continue reading

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