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Save us from sin

Save us, God of power and grace,
From sin, injustice, greed, and graft,
From tolerance, lack of zeal, and pride,
From hardness of heart and loveless practice. Continue reading

Another breath we don’t deserve


We’re glad to have another day,
Another breath we don’t deserve;
Be present, Lord, keep the world at bay,
Let us, your people, like Jesus, serve.

Be for me my air of breathing


Be, O Lord, my morning blessing,
day’s endurance, evening resting,
Be for me my air of breathing,
Sight for eyes and food for eating. Continue reading

Read this and say amen: Let not our age pass by in vain


Let not our age pass by in vain,
Our days without your hand;
Make justice strong, let evil wane
Like time’s few grains of sand. Continue reading

Death you know, destruction, too

Inspired by Proverbs 15.11

Death you know, destruction, too,
No place beyond control or ken;
The heart’s an open book to you,
You know us all, without, within. Continue reading

No place where I can flee

Remove from me the bitter root,
Let selfless love hold sway;
Within, produce the Spirit’s fruit,
Keep Satan’s wiles at bay.

The Liar tempts at every turn,
No place where I can flee;
But teach me, Lord, and I will learn,
That Christ can set me free.

Descend to depths no man can sound,
To cleanse and draw me near;
O Lord, let grace and peace abound,
Make your full glory appear.

How ready am I – a “maranata” prayer

To see the Lord descending from the sky,
And saints a-wing to meet him, with them I
Ascending, weightless, leaving far below
The cares of earth, the minutes empty and slow,
O God, I ask: Let Jesus come today —
How ready am I to fly away!

–J. Randal Matheny

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