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How Hard, O Lord, to Make a Start

How hard, O Lord, to make a start,
To reach the end, much harder still!
What joy to know that in my heart
You work to give me strength and will!

— ‹‹«»›› —

Read Philippians 2.12-13; 4.13.

Where your glory is more evident

Heavenly Father, we look forward to meeting with the saints. There, your glory is more evident than ever. In the midst of our assembly, Jesus is more present than ever. Continue reading

All of who we are

What can we say, O God, that you do not already know? What thoughts or feelings can we put into words that you did not already discern within us?

Yet this process of prayer is for our mutual satisfaction, and for the realization of your will, and for the completion of your purpose, yes, for the development of our love together. Continue reading

Thanks for small victories

Thank you, God above, for small victories. Let us not overlook them as we wait for the greater triumph. Help us to make the small victories accumulate until they lead to the ultimate one.

Let us not add to the suffering of others

Lord who took upon himself our pain, let us not add to the suffering of others, but work to relieve it.

God who brought peace through violence suffered by your Son, let us be your sons and daughters by promoting and pursuing peace.

Father who loves selflessly, who gave your Son and who gives all good things without measure, let us love because of who we are and not because of what we want others to be.

To Do What None Is Willing

Keep eyes away from others,
To do what none is willing:
To pray, avoiding pride;
Return again and again,
Unceasing, constant, true;
Know goodness, strength, and love
In showers of prayer to heaven,
Asking, pleading, praising;
And reach the blessed end
In unimpeded communion.

Ills, accidents or attacks

Lord God, the world is rife with violence, war, and suffering: terrorism, aggression, Iraq, Syria, ISIS, hostages, Ebola. We pray for peace and safety of all. Let us find our peace in you. Continue reading

Renew my love for your Word

With the light of each new day, O God, renew my love for your Word, for in it is the center of my faith. Continue reading

We humbly cry

We humbly cry: help us, Lord,
Our need is great, deny us not,
You alone we yearn to know,
Without your presence we will perish!

Hate the things you hate

God in heaven, let us hate the things you hate, and love the things you love. Keep us from exchanging these because of pressure from man or because of our love of people. Make us steadfast in our hate of evil and in our love of righteousness.

Make the love of the lost our guiding star to give us courage in face of opposition to speak the word of Christ.

Remind us of our need for faithfulness, for the return from infidelity and betrayal is fraught with pain and discord.

Keep us from arrogance, pride, materialism, and intrigue, that we may not be destroyed.

Today’s prayer was inspired by several readings, from Pro 6, Ac 14, 2 Sam 19, and Eze 27.

A monument to honor his death on the cross


Heavenly Father, men like Saul and Absalom sent up monuments to themselves, and we rightly regard them as self-centered. Our Lord Jesus Christ set up the breaking of bread as a monument to honor his death on the cross, and we give you glory for his selfless sacrifice. Continue reading

In serving find solace

In our own hurts and needs, let us not ignore, O God, that we may still be used by you to serve others. And in that serving we may find solace and peace.

Let us not be afraid, but trust that you will always be near and strengthen us for every challenge.

Feed us, O God, with heavenly bread, and clothe us with your righteousness.


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