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Keep my efforts for the kingdom from flagging

Was Jesus really the one? Is there really a life after death? Is heaven real? Does it matter in this life what I do?

O God, I sweep every doubt under feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, and he will show me the truth.

Give me the strangeness of John the Immerser for the sake of the Kingdom. Thank you for the gift of greatness in the kingdom as one of your little ones. Continue reading

Save us from sin

Save us, God of power and grace,
From sin, injustice, greed, and graft,
From tolerance, lack of zeal, and pride,
From hardness of heart and loveless practice. Continue reading

Let our lives not be mere talk

As a servant of Christ and a steward of your great mysteries, Father, I want to be faithful. I ask your help that I might never falter nor fail in my responsability.

Let me serve without regard to human evaluations, but be always aware that you know the intentions of the heart. I work to receive my recognition from you. Continue reading

They just don’t get it, Lord

They just don’t get it, Lord. Time and time again they have heard. They ooh and aah. They find it so interesting. They want it to help them have a better life. But they’re trying to get without giving. Or give what they are willing to let go of. Continue reading

Another breath we don’t deserve


We’re glad to have another day,
Another breath we don’t deserve;
Be present, Lord, keep the world at bay,
Let us, your people, like Jesus, serve.

Not a byword, but life

Mercy from God

Not a byword, but life, O Lord, is your mercy toward us. Save us from destruction. Let your angel of death pass over us, for we show the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Your judgment is just, so we plead the justice of Christ. To him help us to be faithful so that we may be confident on the final day.

Good day or bad


Our Father in Heaven, we measure days as good or bad, but we confess that, at the moment, we have no idea whether they contribute or not to our spiritual growth or to the progress of the gospel.

Let us call every day, therefore, a good day, a day in which you can and do work, a day in which we may be transported closer to our goal of greater knowledge of you and greater deeds in Christ.

Prayer: Sure of your presence with us


God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, blessed be your name in all the earth!

Let be sure of your presence with us. Let us hear the Word of your promise. Let us stand as recipients of the seal of the Spirit. Continue reading

Prayer: Not a day goes by

prayers of the cross

Not a day goes by without a thought
To the cross of life, the Lord’s sweet gift,
Where I with innocent blood was bought,
By the Lamb who freed my soul of guilt. Continue reading

Prayer: How precious is your loyal love, O God!

They are filled with food from your house - Psa 36.8

Every other line from Psa 36.7-9

How precious is your loyal love, O God!
You set us in a space that’s free and broad;

The human race finds shelter under your wings,
Where men find sated the great desires of kings; Continue reading

Thank you for every new beginning


What a beautiful moment, the beginning of each day, Lord, singular opportunities to renew our service, zeal, and joy in the Holy Spirit!

What tenderness and celebration the joining of a man and woman in marriage, the start of a new life together, an intimacy equaled only by the gift of life in Christ! Continue reading

To the world a light

A prayer based loosely on Isaiah 49

To the world a light, a burning hope,
A voice of restoration;
A hand to save from the slippery slope,
The Savior’s full salvation. Continue reading

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