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Prayer: Surround us with saintly friends


God of love, surround us with saintly friends, so that when we falter or stumble, they may be close by to steady us. And, likewise, may be walk beside them to give them support and encouragement in the hour of woe, in days of dread, in moments of weakness. Continue reading

Fulfill your promise, sworn and made


Let the life of Christ be ours,
The Spirit’s joy in us as well;
Employ around us all your powers,
Repelling fiery darts of hell. Continue reading

A prayer for all the children, and for our true religion

For the children who have no parents, we pray that we might fulfill their needs.

For children from broken homes, traumatized by divorce, give them assurance that they are innocent and not responsible for their parents’ mistakes. Continue reading

A prayer for the eternal plan: Make sluggish feet nimble to move forward


Like the saints who shook the world of old, give us courage, O God, to face the lies of Satan and speak the truth of Christ, for only the gospel can save.

Free us from our worries that we might know the power of Scripture. Continue reading

Let swell in us your love of souls


Let swell in us your love of souls,
To speak the news of saving death;
Let men believe that we are fools,
So one might feel the Spirit’s breath. Continue reading

To love and serve

Father, while last night we counted our blessings of the day, we awaken this morning to the prospect of wonderful opportunities to love and serve.

We will be grateful also in each moment of this day, for what we may learn and for how we may be of use to the kingdom. Continue reading

We are love

“God is love,” you tell us,
not merely that you have it,
or share it, or greatly show it;
It’s your very nature,
who you are, infused
throughout, you cannot be
Yourself without loving. Continue reading

The movement of truth

Your truth from heaven must travel to me,
Borne by the Spirit, bound in the Bible,
Lived by our Lord in his mission of love,
Such glories sublime to gladden my heart. Continue reading

Make faith like iron

Slippery slope of bad thinking

Away from me, depressing thoughts of failure, of lack of fruit,
That weaken busy hands at work and rot the living root.

Be done with heavy suffering in the mind to weigh me down,
Temptations that obscure the Way and steal the golden crown. Continue reading


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