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Accepting the little ones

Lord, thank you for accepting the little ones whom men reject. Thank you for giving a chance to those who have had no advantage in this life. Thank you for your patience with me.

Let the voice of this world fade. Let its attractions be seen for what they are, a trap to remove us from your way. Let us resist its pressures to conform.

Help us remember we are servants. Let not the criticisms make us waver. Keep others’ weaknesses from discouraging us.

Bless us that we might be a blessing to others. Make our joy contagious. Let truth be recognized, and the Way be followed.

Drag us from the closet

Father who knows the depths of every heart, you know that we often bring before you the same concerns and requests, but you also know that they are not vain repetitions, for they are sincere petitions, intense desires to see good accomplished and your name glorified among everyone. Continue reading

In serving find solace

In our own hurts and needs, let us not ignore, O God, that we may still be used by you to serve others. And in that serving we may find solace and peace.

Let us not be afraid, but trust that you will always be near and strengthen us for every challenge.

Feed us, O God, with heavenly bread, and clothe us with your righteousness.

Another breath we don’t deserve


We’re glad to have another day,
Another breath we don’t deserve;
Be present, Lord, keep the world at bay,
Let us, your people, like Jesus, serve.

Prayer: Sure of your presence with us


God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, blessed be your name in all the earth!

Let be sure of your presence with us. Let us hear the Word of your promise. Let us stand as recipients of the seal of the Spirit. Continue reading

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