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The blessing of the family of faith

Father of us all —

Praise to you for your wisdom and for the salvation you have brought to us in Jesus the Lord.

We thank you for showing us the way and for the revelation that has come to us by your Holy Spirit.

What a blessing to be a part of the family of faith! Help us to exercise all restraint, patience, and tolerance toward our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Teach us how to forgive others, from the forgiveness we receive daily through the Cross of Christ.

Thank you for blessing our lives through the gifts that are exercised in the body of Christ. Bless us that we might be a blessing to others.

Make our time together this day to be edifying. May our love be strengthened for each other, genuine, sincere, and dedicated. Jog our memory around the Table, that we might humbly receive your presence and rejoice in your goodness.

By the power of Jesus’ life, Amen.

Meetings that reach mind, emotions and will

Lord, make this a blessed day for edifying the saints. Put in our hearts to serve you and to seek out every opportunity for doing good. Make us see the good that can be done by being present with the family of faith.

Help us all to ask what we can do to serve and encourage one another. Put a needy brother or sister in our path.

Help us to use our time today in preparation for making our meeting informative, inspiring, and motivating. May our meetings in this way reach the mind, the emotions, and the will.

When the church meets

Lord of life and loving Savior, on this day when the church meets together according to the commandment of Jesus Christ,

  • Let me be useful to the eternal kingdom;
  • Show me someone who is in need of spiritual guidance;
  • Help me to be a friend to a lonely person;
  • Put me in the path of someone who is seeking the way to you;
  • Give me wisdom to speak words of comfort and hope;
  • Make my joy and peace to shine as evidence of your salvation;
  • Let my purpose today be to edify others and to glorify you.

The Saints Are People Just Like Me

The saints are people just like me:
A mix of passion and holy desire,
A fight between the world and heaven,
Decision to make your will prevail,
Commitment to follow the risen Lord.
Make my love for them sincere,
Devotion to your people strong,
Unfeigned and brotherly, deep and pure.
Among us, Lord, be honored and praised,
Your exalted name be glorified,
As we, together, walk in faith,
In fellowship of eternal tones.

Things don’t look good

Lord, from the limited vision of my perch, things don’t look good for the near future, in politics, economy, and society. It looks like Christians will have a harder time of it. They might be tempted to draw back from their efforts to proclaim the Good News in all the world.

But you know all things, you see every maneuver and hidden scheme of mankind. And you can change the course of events in the blink of an eye. You can raise up people and bring down those on high. And you listen to our prayers.

Father, we ask on behalf of your saints and your mission in this world. Do what will be the greatest blessing, what will serve best your kingdom. In our shortsightedness, it seems it would be best to bring new, decent people to take countries in crisis forward for good progress. Create space for such as these, raise up men and women who can point the way to a moral stance and to a society that treats all equally.

Above all, let us seek to be just, righteous, compassionate, and loving, especially to those in the family of faith. Help us to know that among your children you have established that perfect society. Thank you that we are already a part of this spiritual nation. Let us be more diligent in our efforts to show others that it is here, in the body of Christ, where you create the community that demonstrates your character and conduct.

For Freedom

Thank you, Lord, for setting me free
To serve in love, for righteousness;
For life and strength, for power to be,
For heavenly blessing, to share and bless.

Thank you, Lord, for wisdom’s mind,
For truthful way, for choice of path;
For light to lead the spiritually blind,
For Jesus who appeases wrath.

Thank you, Lord, for the house of faith —
Brothers and sisters in love and growth;
For cleansing blood in which to bathe,
For hope in present and future, both.

Within the Loving Church

For edification, Lord, let all be done
Within the loving church, among the saints:
Uphold the weak, give strength to those who run,
Forgiveness of sin, relief for him who faints. Continue reading

First day

First day, exciting day, a rousing day for praise,
For worship, building up the church, this special Day of days.
Give words, O Savior, fitting words, to bless your blessed name,
Surrounded by the worthy saints, I’ll never be the same!

Lord, to obey your commands are joy and gladness to me

Lord, to obey your commands are joy and gladness to me, none more joyous than to meet with your people, my family, my friends. In their midst, I know who I am; under your hand, united around our Lord Jesus Christ, we find our place. Yours is the glory for this, too! Amen.

Heavenly Father, thank you for making us into family

Heavenly Father, thank you for making us into family, where love and concern rule, where brother takes care of brother, where your character appears in the features of each of your children. Thank you for this day together, around the table of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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