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Soul and Body

Romans 12.1-2

Soul and body, the heart of me,
Belong to you, O Lord — an offering,
A sacrifice of praise — Be pleased
To receive it, bought by Jesus’ suffering.

Mind and will and deepest thought,
Are yours, my God — I hold back nothing —
All is given — your will I’ve sought —
For bread and drink in hope I’m trusting.

Head and feet, in stillest hour,
Our Father, and in busiest moment;
Be with me — worries let faith devour,
And I, on earth, your best proponent.

Fill my heart

Heavenly Father, fill my heart, so that nothing else may occupy that space. Take complete control, O God, of my being.

Keep me from divided loyalties. Let no interest, passion, love, or addiction pull parts of me away. I put all of my life under your sovereignty.

Let love of words not keep me from the reality of you. Continue reading

Were it not for you, the journey would be too much

What a glorious day, our God and Savior, to be alive, to walk with you, to enjoy the hope of eternal life! Make us to be a blessing to others, as you have blessed us. Shine upon us! Shine upon your people! Shine upon those who groan in darkness!

Let us be as concerned to purify ourselves from immorality and the prevailing evil as were the Israelites to remove mold, stains, and uncleanness from among them. Continue reading