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Ears tuned to other’s hurts

Dear God in heaven, make my life to be praise to you. Let others see me and think of your goodness.

Let me see in each moment an opportunity for good, a chance to grow and to share the gospel.

Remove from me every vestige of bitterness, resentment, envy, pride, and worldliness. Continue reading

Fade all desire

Fade all desire for pleasure of sin —
Oh! Wash me clean, the heart within,
Dear God, come near, for I repent
Of shameful deeds, with deep lament. Continue reading

Always pointing to Scripture, referring to life in the Spirit

Father, people could see you in our Lord Jesus, if they were open to seeing. Make us like him, that people may see him in us. Continue reading

I believe

prayer for faith to convert others

I believe — help my unbelief!
Without faith, my life will come to grief;
O God Almighty, power is yours, and might,
To you I turn, who dwells in purest light; Continue reading

Let someone decide

Let someone decide to do your will today,
Let someone take his first steps in the Way,
Repentant sinners ready to submit
To Christ as Lord and for heaven to be made fit.

Let’s pray together in May

We’ve been inconsistent in posting the monthly prayer invitation, but for May we have an important petition to make. Baptism implies a serious life-time commitment. Those who are baptized need to understand that, and those who teach must emphasize it. Will you join us in this prayer?

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