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Lord, You Know

Lord, you know who needs the gospel truth,
To free them from the chains of Satan’s lies,
To live in perfect peace and certain hope,
To receive that purest love that never fails.

May I, O God, on hearing your surest word,
Know too who stands without the cleansing blood;
Give to your humble servant the courage of love
To speak the only message that saves the sinner.

For Travelers and Stayers

Bless travelers of hope, in sun and rain,
Protect the timid who journey in fear,
Please heal all those who travel in pain —
Show us, Lord, that you are near.

Bless stayers at home with quiet and peace,
Give strength to the mother of the newborn babe,
Let worriers from anxiety cease —
Be to us, Lord, the giver of shade.


Fill me and show me

God Almighty, fill me with your Spirit that courage might possess me for proclaiming repentance and forgiveness of sins.

Show me clearly what is right, make me distinguish between good and evil.

Let me not be afraid to speak your truth so that others may be given opportunity to change.

Make love my motive, create in me the desire, above all others, to please you.

Hate the things you hate

Ruins of Tyre

Ruins of Tyre

God in heaven, let us hate the things you hate, and love the things you love. Keep us from exchanging these because of pressure from man or because of our love of people. Make us steadfast in our hate of evil and in our love of righteousness. Continue reading

Put us on our feet

The power, the glory, the quiet peace
The Spirit of God bestows;
Let courage in Christ and faith increase,
The heart in hope repose. Continue reading

Put steel in my spine, O Lord

The world may follow the path of the evil one,
But I’d stay true to my Lord,
Would I be like Peter, full of brave words,
But lacking in courage when push came to shove?
Put steel in my spine, O Lord,
For that moment of truth.

Father, as we impress upon others your mercy, let us never compromise the truth

Father, as we impress upon others your goodness and mercy, let us never compromise the truth that all must repent and obey in order to be saved. For your grace is in receiving Jesus’ sacrifice, your "command is eternal life," because Jesus "became the source of eternal salvation for everyone who obeys him." Let that truth animate me to speak and live for Him.

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