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Made in your image

Father, you made us in your image.
And when we defaced it, you sent your Son, in the fullness of time, to restore it.
You love us and sacrificed for our good.
You sent your Spirit to help us and gave us your Word.
We accept, O Lord, your grace.
Keep us from denying your love.
Keep us from believing the lie that we are worthless.
We rejoice in your kindness and patience.
We confess our need and therefore we seek your Kingdom.
In Jesus’ name we pray and praise you. Amen.

You Do Not Cast Us Off

A day for you is like a thousand years,
And a thousand years, a day; above all time,
You do not count the passing hours like man;
Nor sight is lost of promise, but every word
Fulfilled according to your eternal plan.
The power and glories of heaven are fully yours,
But still you see and care for the smallest bird,
And man—of all creation the most sublime.
Awry we’ve gone, our bundle of failures and fears,
My people and with them I as well, a prime
Example—You do not cast us off; your hand
Is ever upon us—hear and forgive us, Lord.

Prayer: A greater awareness of people


Dear LORD God, thank you for the amazing gift of life on this new day that glistens with fresh sounds of song birds, gentle winds and marvelous light from the sun. All these remind us of your tender loving care for all creation.

Give us a greater awareness of people who are lost without hope of eternal life. Help us to show them the way to receive the precious promises of this new covenant through obedience to the teachings of Christ the Lord.

We pray in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

David Binkley, Sr., Cedar Key, FL