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Arms of love

Our Father in Heaven,

You sent your only Son to earth,
to stretch out arms of love on the cross
and receive the sins of the whole world.
He took upon himself our suffering.

Now anyone who wills can come
within reach of your saving embrace.
Hope and faith and life
can now be had by all.

So clothe us in your Holy Spirit,
so that we your humble servants,
reaching forth our hands in love
and sharing words of compassion and truth,
may bring those who do not know you
into your Kingdom of light and love.

Be glorified in us
as you glorify your name
in Christ. Amen.

I’d Be a Tree

God of all good, definer of good, the One
Alone who can be called good — for none
There is of man who only good has done:

In my humble life, I’d be a tree
Producing good fruits, all of them free
From rot and canker, good to the highest degree.

This fruit must come from you, the only source —
The purifier of unsound souls and hearts,
Creator anew, remover of Adam’s curse!

In me, O God — purge all deathly dross.
Carry me to the end — without loss —
Make me that tree by the blood of Jesus’ Cross.

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My Prayers Are Full of Pleas

My prayers, O Lord, are full of pleas,
You told me to ask, so I do;
But let me more be full of praise,
While my complaints be few.

Let not my words be thoughtless or rote,
But true and most sincere;
Naught but your Reign may prayers promote,
And Jesus soon appear.

Before you, comes your humble child,
Desiring your gloried Name;
With thanks I’m fully reconciled:
To me my Jesus came.

Let breath be prayer and eyes be filled
With Calvary’s joy and call;
Let heart be whole and mind be thrilled
With pardon and peace for all.

Thank you for this pandemic

Lord God, Father who hears his children,

Thank you for answering my pleas. To have the Creator and Sovereign of the universe pay attention to me is a wonderful thing. I deserve nothing, yet you have given me so much — hope, love, joy and peace that passes all understanding.

Preserve me for your purposes, O Lord. Make me a genuine servant, seeking you with all my heart. Let my circumstances be merely a colorful background for the joy of your love in my life.

Thank you for this pandemic. Save people from suffering and dying — we wish no one ill — and also let us see how this moment serves your purpose to save the souls of many.

Use our modest efforts to point others to the Cross of Christ and the blessed entrance into the Kingdom of Power.

Let Jesus reign in our hears, in whom we pray and rejoice. Amen.

Work Among Us

Terrible times we face — we tremble,
O God, so now, together, we assemble
To cry for mercy — Increase our strength!
Deepen our faith! — We seek, at length,
New heavens and earth, the Son in glory —
Freedom from worldly category!

Our wonder is prayer, that lively phone —
The Spirit’s carriage to heaven’s throne!
Hear, O Lord, the soul’s deep groan!
Against the world raise high the walls,
Inside the Body, we hearken Paul’s
And John’s and Matthew’s holy calls.

Work among us, servants of heart
And soul and mind — Make wide
Your space of freedom — Never depart,
O God, for Jesus’ bleeding side,
His pierced hands, his bruised brow,
His shadowed cross are before us now.