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Captain of My Soul

Oh, Sovereign God —

Jesus is the captain of my soul,
For I submit my stubborn will to his;
My feet will follow every careful step,
The path to glory passing by the Cross.
O Father, give me eyes for love alone,
Its reaching rays to pierce the dark and rain,
To guide until the proving race is run.

Work Among Us

Terrible times we face — we tremble,
O God, so now, together, we assemble
To cry for mercy — Increase our strength!
Deepen our faith! — We seek, at length,
New heavens and earth, the Son in glory —
Freedom from worldly category!

Our wonder is prayer, that lively phone —
The Spirit’s carriage to heaven’s throne!
Hear, O Lord, the soul’s deep groan!
Against the world raise high the walls,
Inside the Body, we hearken Paul’s
And John’s and Matthew’s holy calls.

Work among us, servants of heart
And soul and mind — Make wide
Your space of freedom — Never depart,
O God, for Jesus’ bleeding side,
His pierced hands, his bruised brow,
His shadowed cross are before us now.

Swallowed Pain

Lord, hear our inner groans,
our unseen suffering, silent
affliction, swallowed pain.

We see your cross of blood,
betrayal, dark and craven,
in agony, utterly alone.

We speak to One who knows
the depth of anguish, finding
in Him our meaning of peace.

Prayer: Not a day goes by

prayers of the cross

Not a day goes by without a thought
To the cross of life, the Lord’s sweet gift,
Where I with innocent blood was bought,
By the Lamb who freed my soul of guilt. Continue reading

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