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In serving find solace

In our own hurts and needs, let us not ignore, O God, that we may still be used by you to serve others. And in that serving we may find solace and peace.

Let us not be afraid, but trust that you will always be near and strengthen us for every challenge.

Feed us, O God, with heavenly bread, and clothe us with your righteousness.

The God of minors and majors

small-concernsThank you, Lord, for not despising our concern with daily bread, even while wars rage and the earth groans and nations are overturned.

In the details and minutiae of our day, turn us toward your glory.

We give you thanks for holding us up in the small moments, as well in in the the great hinges of life.

You are present in the smallest activities: shaving, bathing, sleeping, lounging, shopping, eating, commuting, brushing our teeth. Continue reading

As we stamp the prints of our lives

Almighty, Glorious and Everlasting God, in whom we live, move, have our being and before whom all men must someday appear; we humbly ask for Your Divine blessing and protection as we stamp the prints of our lives upon yet another day’s journey. Give us help for patience, compassion, wisdom, and opportunities for the gospel seed to be planted. Do it and we’ll give You the praise; through Christ, Amen. –Dezmond Stevens