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I can’t keep doing this

O God, I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep this up.
I’m tired and frustrated and ready to call it quits.
Temptation continually barks at my heels.
Dangers lurk around every corner.
Many don’t care, and others want to stone me.
I’m looking for that rock to hide under.
When will it all end?

My son, I can keep you and hold you and propel you forward.
I am energized for every demand, powerful for the need.
My word puts the devil on the run.
I am your tower and refuge and solid rock.
I care, I love you, and continue to call you to me.
I will stand you up in the midst of the people.
The end will be your success and not your failure.

Loudly I Cried to God

Based loosely on Psalm 77

Loudly I cried to God — loudly —
So he would open his ears to me.
I went to the Lord for help on the day
Of troubles, upset, unable to speak.

What happened in the days of old?
The long-ago years when God was merciful?
Has God forgotten his tender mercies?
Is the Lord no longer the same as before?

O God, your ways are holy! Who
Is great as our true, faithful God?
The water saw you, O God, and shook,
Your arrows flashed in every direction.

Your road passed through the sea, your people
Walked to safety, you led your children
Away from Egypt — As you saved them,
O Lord, come take me by the hand.