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No matter my condition

Eternal heavenly Father,
When energized or tired,
In good health or sickness,
With abundance or lack,
Alone or surrounded by love,
Regardless of the weather,
Feeling high or low,
Accepted or rejected,
No matter my condition,
I will follow Jesus —
Help me never falter!

The Way that Jesus Went

O God, with you I’d be content,
In Christ my every need supplied;
I’d go the way that Jesus went—
On Calvary’s hill he wept and died.

His victor’s cry make mine as well,
To finish your saving will at last;
To serve my neighbor, a story to tell,
A living love, unmoved, steadfast.

Ourselves to Serve

As evil spreads, relieve our hearts’ distress;
Than self may we not love our neighbor less.
O God, turn men to truth, ourselves to serve,
From following Jesus let us never swerve.

We’ve left father, mother, children, lands

Prayer for safety

We’ve left father, mother, children, lands,
To lose our life for Christ in time’s quick sands,
To gain a hundredfold upon the earth,
And heaven’s streets of gold by spiritual birth. Continue reading

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