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Excited about this day

Lord God of love, let me be excited about this day, as a time to love, to give, to call to faith, as the hour of salvation, as a moment of new birth from heaven, of truth and knowledge, of hearing the Good News, as a space to welcome the Only Son and walk in the light.

Heavenly Father, make this day a challenge to the will, to decide to be the lover and giver that you are; a stimulation for the mind, to understand better the marvels of your wisdom; a brace for the emotions, to feel the joy of knowing you and of entering into your fellowship; a hope for the spirit, to escape the chains of sin and embrace eternal life in the Son.

Share deep, dark emotions with God

Jimmy Bagwell makes specific suggestions on developing one’s prayer life, including this one:

Pray for anything that is on your heart. You may feel the need to express deep dark emotions; this is perfectly fine. Jesus is our example of this. Many times he expressed his negative and hurt feelings in prayer. The secret is to always end with a positive thought. On one occasion Jesus expressed his angst and emotional distress with the phrase “Let this cup pass from me”. In so doing he poured out his feelings of remorse and sorrow but he ended with a positive thought; “Not my will but yours be done”. We must do the same. Those deep dark emotions, those feelings of despair and depression should be shared with God.