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Ever more conscious of our need

Father, thank you for the gift of generosity. Show us more and more how to give freely and gladly. We want to be like you in this respect.

Life is a wonderful blessing. Time brings us closer to eternity, and we are grateful for its passing. Trials cause pain, but we rejoice, O Lord, for they cast us upon your care to find relief in your promise.

Make us ever more conscious of our need for salvation and of the subtlety of sin. Awaken us to the power of the gospel. Lord, strengthen us in Christ.

We all have your Spirit. Although our life experiences are different, we know we have equality in Christ and enjoy all the privileges and blessings of eternal life you provide us. The fullness of your presence is available to all, and we praise you for your love of every single soul.

Remove all bitterness from our hearts

Proverbs 14

Heavenly Father, keep us away from the path which seems right but leads to death. We want to follow the way which is truly good.

Enlighten us that we might not believe everything we hear. On the other hand, let us not be jaded, refusing to put our faith in truth and in forgiveness.

We fear you and want to walk in righteousness. Steer our feet away from deceitful steps.

Thank you for the Lord Jesus who took upon himself our guilt. We are grateful for the joy we share in your Spirit. Remove all bitterness from our hearts. Let our laughter not hide sadness from suffering.

Restrain our tongues and hands from acting on impulse. Free us from being irritated at small things. Save us from slyness and smugness.

You as Creator made all people and treat them equally. Close our eyes to what people possess when we deal with them.

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