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If left up to us

Left up to us, we’d have the Lord Jesus return today, O God. We want to go home. This life hold little interest to us. The glories of heaven are what we desire. To be with you is all we want. To go where there are no tears, no suffering, no death, no darkness — this is our keenest hope.

But we know you have a purpose for our time here, both for our salvation and perfection and for the salvation of others. You are preparing us for that eternal habitation with you. Continue reading

For the passage of time and the hope of eternal salvation

We give you thanks, heavenly Father, for the passage of time, that allows us to perceive progress and growth in our walk with you — or lack of it, which signals our need of repentance and of a pure and whole effort.

We give you thanks, also, Father, for the hope of eternal salvation at the end of our time on earth and for the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who as the first-born from the dead, gives us assurance of our future.