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Around the heavy bier


Our God in heaven, whose name
Is life and love and peace,
Who is eternally same,
Our comfort in death’s release,

Give hope, the surer sign
Of brighter, heavenly things,
Where you gloriously shine,
And the throng of angels sings, Continue reading

O holy Hope

O holy Hope, what else have I
On earth beside this white-hot wait?
This fired desire, with sights set high,
No worldly lure can e’er abate.

In prayer the lips move fevered pleas,
“Lord, come!” We’ll meet you in the air;
I love you more than all of these,
Let angels line the heavenly stair.

Th’ eternal span gives time below
A worth beyond the final fire;
And man, who stumbles to and fro,
To life with God may dare aspire.


The future, weary or fair

I know not on the morrow
What earthly joy or sorrow
May fall to me to bear,
The future, weary or fair.

As long as breath may tarry,
Whatever weight I carry,
No burden can compare
To heaven’s golden square.


Here for a reason

We’re here for a reason, Lord, you’ve shown us that time and again, in so many different ways. You placed us on this earth for your fellowship, for our mutual joy, for the blessing we can bring to others by restoring them to your presence.

We’re here as the process through which we find our way—having been found by you—into the eternal halls of peace and praise.

Help me to embrace that reason, to place my feet further on that glorious path, to move toward that heavenly abode.

Let me always be clear, with your reasons.

And though the path between here and there may be covered in mist, let the end points ever stand out sharply, so that my reason for being here will carry me through and get me there.

O God, let justice be done speedily

O God, let justice be done, and that right speedily, if not here on earth, then in heaven. Let men judge with just judgment, and let those in power acknowledge that your laws are righteous and good. However good may be a human legal system, we know that full justice will come at the End. For that day we plead.

In the midst of decay and death, O Lord of life, newness appears

In the midst of decay and death, O Lord of life, newness appears in the dawning day, the sprouting plant, and the baptized sinner to reset our sights toward eternity. For these subtle and powerful signs, we thank you, Creator and Recreator who inhabits abodes everlasting!

Life seems to pass too fast, eternal God

Life seems to pass too fast, eternal God.
Is this your doing, also? Did you design
The rush of events and the speed of days
To create in me the desire for you, the Timeless?

I have today, Father, as your gift

I have today, Father, as your gift.
Touch a needy life through me.
Remind us all of eternity.
Fill each hour with joy in Christ.
Keep sad and angry thoughts at bay.
Let now be yours and ours, today.


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