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Into the harshest and most hostile environments

Lord, the world is offended by many things. In a politically correct world, many find multiple reasons to be offended. Slights are magnified. Any expression of differences of opinion becomes an unbearable insult. Criticisms are felt like a slap in the face, rather than an opportunity to learn. Continue reading

Help us break through

People near us, emotionally and physically, are hurting, suffering in so many ways. Friends, neighbors, coworkers, relatives. They have relationship problems, health issues, financial difficulties, mental confusion. They are imprisoned in spiritual darkness.

Lord, the world lies in the power of the Evil One. Put us in their path, cause them to share with us, bring us opportunity to serve them and show them the Way. Continue reading

Help the indecisive to follow the Lord

For those who have learned the truth but have yet to obey it, Lord, we pray. Possession of the truth is precious. So few have heard the gospel. To be blessed by someone sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Continue reading

Importance of prayer in sharing the gospel

Dewayne Bryant reminds us to pray for the lost:

All around us are people who do not know, or have not submitted to, Jesus Christ. As Christians, we understand the joyful blessings that are part of living a Christian life. We also understand the consequences of departing this life without knowing Christ. While there are many things we can do to reach the lost, we cannot forget about the importance of prayer as part of our efforts to share the gospel with others.

Read his whole article here.

Flee and engage

Our Father in heaven, the noise of the world drowns out the voice of your Spirit. Let us flee first to be edified by your presence, in order to engage later our neighbors and share with them the gospel.

They just don’t get it, Lord

They just don’t get it, Lord. Time and time again they have heard. They ooh and aah. They find it so interesting. They want it to help them have a better life. But they’re trying to get without giving. Or give what they are willing to let go of. Continue reading

Prayer: Make things happen for people to be reached with the gospel


Lord, we don’t know how to make things happen for people to be reached with the gospel. Throw us out into the midst of the nations. Put us in the path of people headed toward perdition. Though we ask no miracle, send us to the lost, like Peter to Cornelius, Phillip to the eunuch, Ananias to Saul. Continue reading

Let swell in us your love of souls


Let swell in us your love of souls,
To speak the news of saving death;
Let men believe that we are fools,
So one might feel the Spirit’s breath. Continue reading

To touch a soul today

Give me the grace to touch a soul today,
A single soul, or if by mercy’s kind embrace,
Might I save two? One to take my place,
Another to extend the Kingdom’s sway.

Put us on our feet

The power, the glory, the quiet peace
The Spirit of God bestows;
Let courage in Christ and faith increase,
The heart in hope repose. Continue reading

Refusing to leave this world the same

Prayer for workers in the harvest

Father, send the workers in!
The fields are ripe, the ranks are thin,
The labor’s great, to save from sin
A holy people to praise your Name. Continue reading

I believe

prayer for faith to convert others

I believe — help my unbelief!
Without faith, my life will come to grief;
O God Almighty, power is yours, and might,
To you I turn, who dwells in purest light; Continue reading

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