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Importance of prayer in sharing the gospel

Dewayne Bryant reminds us to pray for the lost:

All around us are people who do not know, or have not submitted to, Jesus Christ. As Christians, we understand the joyful blessings that are part of living a Christian life. We also understand the consequences of departing this life without knowing Christ. While there are many things we can do to reach the lost, we cannot forget about the importance of prayer as part of our efforts to share the gospel with others.

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Prayer: Make things happen for people to be reached with the gospel


Lord, we don’t know how to make things happen for people to be reached with the gospel. Throw us out into the midst of the nations. Put us in the path of people headed toward perdition. Though we ask no miracle, send us to the lost, like Peter to Cornelius, Phillip to the eunuch, Ananias to Saul. Continue reading

Save me from judging

Reach every person

Save me from judging another’s looks,
For all alike need Jesus’ care;
None are free from Satan’s hooks,
No matter what we wield or wear.

Each one a soul with life impressed,
Creation’s crown, all heaven’s pride,
The power to choose within the breast,
For every person Jesus died.

Let words of life from lips flow free,
Let Calvary’s tune reach every ear;
The suffering man make mercy see,
Make love the span, to breach our fear.

Day of the dead

Help us evangelize

This day, when flowers upon a grave are laid,
When honoring lights are lit, and prayers are said,
When tears are spilt, the living remember the dead,
I think of souls whose Judgment looms ahead.

No fate can change by suffering beyond the grave,
But only the Cross of Christ—the life he gave—
Redeems the lost who obey this side of death,
Who follow the Blessed Name while still there’s breath.

So while I breathe, while blood flows in the veins,
While the mind is sound, and bodily strength remains,
Let every thought and movement be given to save
The moribund dead before they enter the grave.