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Piety a response to grace

Lord, help my piety to be a response to your grace, and not an impulse of my guilt.

Help my works to be an outflowing of gratitude, and not a begrudging effort to win your approval.

Help my faith to be a profound confidence in your word, and not an invention of my expectations for your intervention.

Help my love to be a response in kind to your compassion and glory, rather than an extension of weak human passion.

We believe

Lord, let me sensitive to the needs of those around me and to address those needs in a way that will be helpful to the needy. Keep me from being a burden to others. May my service truly serve others and glorify you.

May others see that you are a God who loves and cares for them. Make your character evident in your people.

Praise belongs to you and all creatures glorify you. The world and universe declare your greatness. Open our eyes to your magnificence. Draw us into your fellowship.

We trust you to guide us in the right way. We believe that you will protect and shield us from harm. We know that you have always kept your word and fulfilled your promise. Joy is ours because you are God.

Keep me from losing heart in calmer waters

Hold me steady on the course of Christ,
Supply your Spirit’s wind to bear me along.
Do not lose me in the sudden storm;
Nor let me fall and drown in heavy seas.
Keep me from losing heart in calmer waters;
Daily renew resolve to serve and love.
Remind me I must never venture alone,
but travel with the seasoned crew of faith.

Make your presence reach everyone

Father, make your blessing increase in our midst, as in the multiplication of bread and fish, not for material gain, but for spiritual progress. Make your presence reach everyone as we share our joy.

Reassure us of your goodness, as we, in the family of faith, share our burdens with one another. Continue reading

Swings of faith

O Lord, my swings of faith on your hanging ropes —
Let grow my grip, increase my eternal hopes.

In Suffering Let My Faith Revive

So many needs, so many cries
In this old world of sin and pain,
How quick are we to believe our eyes,
And easy to forget you reign. Continue reading

A prayer for faith and change

I know not what the day may hold,
But he who rules it I know;
He gives me joy and makes me bold,
And cheers me in my woe. Continue reading

Make us new again today

Make us new again today, O Lord! Just as you make the sun arise to produce a new day, may the Lord Jesus shine anew in our hearts.

The trials and challenges of the yesterday have left their mark. For those of today we seek new strength. For the storms that quickly arise we need more faith. Give us clearer sight for new opportunities.

Make us new again today!

Let zeal enlarge our sight


Your people, rooted in eternity,
Beyond the physical, visible world can see;
By faith we measure walls and streets and gates,
A heavenly gift to lighten earthly weights. Continue reading

With darkened thoughts and lonely sighs

Ah, Lord, the heart is weighed
With darkened thoughts and lonely sighs;
None care to listen, none have paid
The price, none seek the heavenly prize.

Can seven thousand faithful hide
Among a wayward church? Have they
No objecting voice? Have they not cried
Against the obscene who dance and play? Continue reading

I believe

prayer for faith to convert others

I believe — help my unbelief!
Without faith, my life will come to grief;
O God Almighty, power is yours, and might,
To you I turn, who dwells in purest light; Continue reading

I believe, I know

Faith prayer

Lord Almighty, I believe,
Forgive my unbelief;
For lack of trust in you I grieve,
Of sins this is the chief.

My eyes can’t see, for all their strength,
The plans that you have made,
Nor love in all its depth and length
That marked my sins as paid.

Your gentle presence I cannot feel,
To touch my senses fail;
My hazy sight can’t but conceal
Your hand within the gale.

But this I know: You move and speak,
You answer when I kneel;
Your wing protects the small and weak—
I know my God is real.


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