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On Principle Let Me Stand

O Lord, remove from me that flat desire
To free myself, like cunning Pilate, to please
The clamoring crowd, and cowardly fearing the ire
Of others, making political moves to appease
The popular demand. On principle let me stand:
Commitment to Christ, forever faithful, strong
In truth, to suffer for love, the Word in hand —
My eyes on you, the Lord whose patience is long.

When Close to Eternal Lands

When comes the time to breathe my last,
To pillow my head and rest,
Make all my deeds and doings past
To have been the Kingdom’s best.

Upon a work let me look back
That glorifies the Lord,
In my resolve no fault or crack,
In heaven my treasures stored.

Give strength, O Lord, to heart and hands,
No cause to stumble or fall,
May I, when close to eternal lands,
Be ready to heed your call.

The prayer of When

When silence prevails, let your Word speak gently in my heart.

When noise dominates, let your quietness rule within me.

When we find ourselves in the presence of foolishness, let your wisdom penetrate the moment.

When wisdom overcomes, let gratitude for the knowledge of you permeate and let the power of your Spirit guide us. Continue reading

Give wisdom to measure our steps rightly

We praise you, God of David, Solomon, and Hezekiah, for your faithfulness to your promises, for hearing the pleas of your servants, and for blessing far and beyond all expectations.  Continue reading

We know the God who stiffens our resolve

Father of lights, Simon Peter was so sure of his commitment to the very end, yet he buckled under pressure. His pronouncement sounded bold, but his heart gave way because he did not understand the mission of his Lord. He placed his hope in politics and battles of war, and when the Promised One took that from him, he fled. Continue reading

For every tear I ever cried

This life will end, O Lord, when the cloud
Transports the Savior here below;
When the angel blows the trumpet loud,
I want to rise to Him and go Continue reading

Hate the things you hate

Ruins of Tyre

Ruins of Tyre

God in heaven, let us hate the things you hate, and love the things you love. Keep us from exchanging these because of pressure from man or because of our love of people. Make us steadfast in our hate of evil and in our love of righteousness. Continue reading

Better to ask the grass to grow less green


Better to ask the grass to grow less green,
Better to order the sky to dawn less blue,
And easier for God’s glory to be less seen,
Than for me to be to Christ less true. Continue reading

Lord, I want

Father, I want to be righteous, doing what is correct and right, in order to please you in all things and be holy as you are holy, so give me the righteousness of Christ in the sanctification of the Spirit. Continue reading

A furnace of fire

Faithfulness under fire

If we face a furnace of fire,
Or stand before a shower of stones,
If live we’re thrown upon a pyre,
Denied a burial of flesh and bones,

Then make us strong, our tongues confess
Our Lord’s dear name, Emmanuel;
Let enemies hear us pray and bless,
May we to them the gospel tell.

Let the Way be plain

Prayer Way

The haughty laugh of hostile man
Would hide with lies the wholesome truth,
Make whimpering cowards and weeping maids
Of devout defenders of divine justice.

Save me, Lord, from spiteful men,
Belligerent beasts who lay in wait;
Let the Way be plain, your will be done,
The incredulous fall, and the Cross increase.



Not peace upon the earth

Not peace upon the earth, but a sword,
The gospel cannot be ignored;
The Son of Man will bear his cross,
And calls his kin to wear this loss
Of friend and brother, lands and gain,
To preach in Athens, Rome, and Spain.
May I be faithful now and hence,
With God my strength, my recompense.



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