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A furnace of fire

Faithfulness under fire

If we face a furnace of fire,
Or stand before a shower of stones,
If live we’re thrown upon a pyre,
Denied a burial of flesh and bones,

Then make us strong, our tongues confess
Our Lord’s dear name, Emmanuel;
Let enemies hear us pray and bless,
May we to them the gospel tell.

Let the Way be plain

Prayer Way

The haughty laugh of hostile man
Would hide with lies the wholesome truth,
Make whimpering cowards and weeping maids
Of devout defenders of divine justice.

Save me, Lord, from spiteful men,
Belligerent beasts who lay in wait;
Let the Way be plain, your will be done,
The incredulous fall, and the Cross increase.



Not peace upon the earth

Not peace upon the earth, but a sword,
The gospel cannot be ignored;
The Son of Man will bear his cross,
And calls his kin to wear this loss
Of friend and brother, lands and gain,
To preach in Athens, Rome, and Spain.
May I be faithful now and hence,
With God my strength, my recompense.


To Whom Shall We Go, and Where?

To whom shall we go, and where?
You have the words of life,
Our portion and our share;
Your flesh and blood, our fare.


Though all turn back and leave,
We stay to follow and serve;
It’s not that we’re naive,
But truly we believe.



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