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For the Children of Your Saints

For the children of your saints we pray,
That in all things, O Lord, they might obey,
Not ever swerving to the right or left,
And never of your righteous grace bereft;

O Father, may they humbly teach their own,
Pass on the one true gospel faithfully,
Both while they’re young and even when they’re grown,
Fulfilling all their duties joyfully.

A whole day to praise you

A whole day to praise and dedicate to you! Let it be a day of joy and laughter, peace and contentment, gratitude and counting of blessings.

Let the sun in its journey through the sky praise you. Let the chatter of the maritacas in the trees call out your glory. Let the quiet of the morning and the conversations of the day reflect your presence.

Thank you, Lord, for the spiritual family in Christ who love us and whom we may love with zeal and fervor. Let our love be genuine, our fellowship unmarred by selfishness or second guessing.

Let us see your goodness in the food, family, and fellowship that we enjoy today. May Jesus be in our midst, in love and power.