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The Saints Are People Just Like Me

The saints are people just like me:
A mix of passion and holy desire,
A fight between the world and heaven,
Decision to make your will prevail,
Commitment to follow the risen Lord.
Make my love for them sincere,
Devotion to your people strong,
Unfeigned and brotherly, deep and pure.
Among us, Lord, be honored and praised,
Your exalted name be glorified,
As we, together, walk in faith,
In fellowship of eternal tones.

A whole day to praise you

A whole day to praise and dedicate to you! Let it be a day of joy and laughter, peace and contentment, gratitude and counting of blessings.

Let the sun in its journey through the sky praise you. Let the chatter of the maritacas in the trees call out your glory. Let the quiet of the morning and the conversations of the day reflect your presence.

Thank you, Lord, for the spiritual family in Christ who love us and whom we may love with zeal and fervor. Let our love be genuine, our fellowship unmarred by selfishness or second guessing.

Let us see your goodness in the food, family, and fellowship that we enjoy today. May Jesus be in our midst, in love and power.

Keep me from losing heart in calmer waters

Hold me steady on the course of Christ,
Supply your Spirit’s wind to bear me along.
Do not lose me in the sudden storm;
Nor let me fall and drown in heavy seas.
Keep me from losing heart in calmer waters;
Daily renew resolve to serve and love.
Remind me I must never venture alone,
but travel with the seasoned crew of faith.

Content but Wanting More

Content am I, O Lord, but wanting more
Of you and yours, of voices to adore
Your glorious Self — to be alone content,
And yet desiring men seek you, repent,
Discover fellowship, see kingdom growth,
The family swell who take eternal oath. Continue reading

Not our own worst enemy

O God, my Savior, my hope is in you all the day long. Sustain me this day, until the last rays of the sun, until every task is done, until the head lies upon the pillow and the mind gives up its last waking thought.

Keep me from giving any occasion for taking offense in anything as we seek to reconcile everyone to you, to receive your saving grace. Let no fault be found in our service, no reason for rejection within us, no impurity of heart, no lack of love, no willfulness or stubbornness, no aversion to suffering for the kingdom, no selfishness or impatience in the task at hand.

Let our efforts not be destroyed by the enemy. Keep him far from us. Preserve us and through us produce fruit that remains. Work in us so that we are not our own worst enemy.

Keep us from entanglements with the world, partnerships with unbelievers, or any sort of fellowship with the darkness. Let us not be tempted to use the tools of unrighteousness to accomplish spiritual and heavenly goals. Help us refrain from bending biblical principles, sacrificing the truth of the gospel, or accepting less than holy practices.

Remind us that we are working with you and under your guidance, by your truth and power, expressing your love and mercy. Your goals are ours, your desires our motivation, your mission our task, your time our urgency.

Psa 25; 2 Cor 6

Meaning through knowledge of the way

Father of love and mercy, your name is holy as none other, your person far above the sinful human race, your glory seen in all creation and in your gracious intentions toward us.

We thank you for calling us to the gospel and to participation in your purpose to reconcile the estranged. Continue reading

How can I come near you?

How can I come near you, Lord, in the purity of your holiness? You explode all my senses with your powerful presence. I fall on my face, and fear overcomes me. Continue reading

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