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The blessing of the family of faith

Father of us all —

Praise to you for your wisdom and for the salvation you have brought to us in Jesus the Lord.

We thank you for showing us the way and for the revelation that has come to us by your Holy Spirit.

What a blessing to be a part of the family of faith! Help us to exercise all restraint, patience, and tolerance toward our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Teach us how to forgive others, from the forgiveness we receive daily through the Cross of Christ.

Thank you for blessing our lives through the gifts that are exercised in the body of Christ. Bless us that we might be a blessing to others.

Make our time together this day to be edifying. May our love be strengthened for each other, genuine, sincere, and dedicated. Jog our memory around the Table, that we might humbly receive your presence and rejoice in your goodness.

By the power of Jesus’ life, Amen.

First day

First day, exciting day, a rousing day for praise,
For worship, building up the church, this special Day of days.
Give words, O Savior, fitting words, to bless your blessed name,
Surrounded by the worthy saints, I’ll never be the same!

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