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We Will Not Live Only Once

O God eternal, it is not true, you know,
That we only live once.
We shall live again.
We will be raised from the dead.
We will appear before your judgment throne.
We will enter eternity.
We will suffer horribly or enjoy every rich blessing from your hand.
And our choices here and now will determine our destiny.
O God of all goodness, help me choose this day to love and serve you.
Strengthen my heart to be a person of integrity.
Put steel in my will, that I might do your will.
Clear my mind of all distractions, in order to learn from Jesus
And follow him in all things.
I want to go to heaven.
Make this not to be a mere wish, but a reality.
Because Jesus is mine, and I am his.

To pray as Jesus prayed

Father, let us live as Jesus lived, including his prayer life. He was consistent during his whole life, and finished as he began — in prayer:

  • at the table, giving thanks;
  • interceding for others, that their faith not fail;
  • placing his desires in the Father’s hand, but seeking above all his Father’s will;
  • praying for the forgiveness of others, in the midst of his own pain and suffering.

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