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The God who Is Present

Our Father in Heaven,

You are the God who is present among his people,
Who walks among the faithful and makes them strong;
You give them direction and purpose, and love above all.
In them you breathe life everlasting and joy eternal.

We pause in this moment of prayer and deep reflection,
To remember that you are with us every moment,
We know you’ll never abandon your faithful children,
Our spirits rejoice in your care with great rejoicing.

O Savior of mankind! How often do I forget
That I do not control my life or my future,
So little power I hold over events that happen!
To you I deliver my spirit, my body, my soul.

What freedom, my God, to surrender all control!
The world is set for destruction and lives are at stake;
Already the nations are shaking, the mountains are trembling,
But always will I trust in you, my Shepherd.

For Jesus is my Lord, Amen.

Remove us from ourselves

The Chosen One has come to save us!
He came because you sent him, speaks
Only what you told him to speak.

What heavy price you paid to rescue
Our souls from sin and reconcile
Estranged creatures to yourself!

O Present One, be with us — come
Within our midst and in our hearts
Abide, both now and evermore.

Outside yourself, all-sufficient,
You made us, gave us freedom of choice,
Allowed us Will to love or leave.

Remove us from ourselves, O Lord,
That truest blessing might be ours,
To love and know Unselfishness.

In peace with your provisions

Lord, let us be in peace with your provisions. Thank for your blessings. We are content.

Keep us from putting our trust in things. Let us not seek security in accumulation of material goods.

Help us to live simply. Keep us from spending on accessories that add nothing to our quality of life, but that take away from the good that we might do for others and from the support that we might give to your work.

As we see your free generosity in Christ, create in us the desire to bless others.

Quieten our hearts and free us

Quieten our hearts, O Lord, with peace that rises from your Spirit, with joy that has salvation as its source, with love that flows from Jesus’ cross.

Free us from the desire to possess the things of this life, to control the lives of others, to follow our emotions and passions to destruction.

In service bind us. In trials and sufferings train us. Surrounded by the physical and material, open our spiritual eyes to see your power. For glory prepare us.

We never want to see death

What power in Jesus’ words! They shake our world, and challenge our most cherished beliefs. They show our self-reliance to be a sham.

I want to find a place in my heart for his words, O God. Let them penetrate and transform. Let them bring to me the Spirit of truth.

I hear and respond, O Lord. In my hearing and responding, be my Father. We honor the Son, whose day Abraham saw, and we honor the Father, who sent us the Son.

We never want to see death, our Father. So help us to obey the Lord Jesus, whom none can prove guilty of sin.

Use the truth to free us so that we may be really free. As your children, we desire to remain with you forever.

Overboard, the weights of this world

You, O God, must look down upon our strivings,
and shake your head in amazement —
we, who should stand in awe of you,
act in strange and foolish ways.

Of all this world’s possessions,
none compare to knowing you,
none withstand the test of time —
to know your goodness spans
the bridge to eternal happiness.

Draw us near you, God of love —
we’d mind the things of the Spirit,
pursue your good and perfect will,
engage in your enduring work.

Overboard, the weights of this world,
with freedom gained from truth,
the popular pressure to conform is gone,
our single goal to please you, Lord,
become the people we were meant to be.

For Freedom

Thank you, Lord, for setting me free
To serve in love, for righteousness;
For life and strength, for power to be,
For heavenly blessing, to share and bless.

Thank you, Lord, for wisdom’s mind,
For truthful way, for choice of path;
For light to lead the spiritually blind,
For Jesus who appeases wrath.

Thank you, Lord, for the house of faith —
Brothers and sisters in love and growth;
For cleansing blood in which to bathe,
For hope in present and future, both.

Freedom, wisdom, ways, love

Thank you, Creator of man’s free will, for our freedom. May we never take it lightly. May we never misuse it. May we employ it for the salvation and edification of many.

Give me wisdom, Lord, that I may always choose what is good and sound and spiritual. May my choices always reflect your holiness and goodness. Continue reading