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Never a glass half empty

Father, let us never be people
who only see a glass half empty,
but a nation who lives in your fullness,
a family who dives into piled-up grace,
who delights in gift upon gift,
agents of a single mission who refuse
to keep salvation for self,
who understand that gospel means sharing,
that Good News means speaking,
that the Cross is proclamation,
and that the Spirit brings transformation
and a change of eternal destiny.

Lord God, keep us from squabbles and minor issues,
tear from us the tendency toward clergy preachers,
pride in physical things and buildings,
merit of our own construction,
and build us up in the Word as members of the body,
each one aware of his responsibility,
each one active in his place,
everyone contributing to the greater good
and growth of the saints.

Leap over our impossibilities

Father, when our minds are blank, and our hearts are empty, when our souls are barren, and our energies are exhausted, you are there to fill us in every way, in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We seek you, O God, creator and sustainer of the living!

We have nothing, and we come to you asking.

Give us all we need, Lord who speaks a word and makes things happen. Continue reading