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One request

Lord, I come before you simply,
With sincere words,
And true desire,
With one request:
That you might be glorified in me.

It matters not how,
For I am willing
To be a broken and humble vessel,
To sway a single soul,
Or none —
However you decide to use my life.

Help us to look ahead

Father, help us to look ahead, in order to prepare for future opportunities, to be ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us lay aside worries about tomorrow in order to take up the hope of your promises.

Let us forget ourselves, for our joy.

Let us focus on serving, for the blessing of others.

Let us follow the Lord Jesus, for your glory.

Glorify the Saints Abroad

Save them, Lord, from sin and shame,
Save them for your glorious name,
Save them from the devil’s snare,
Save them in Christ from hell’s despair.

Sanctify the brethren’s hands,
Sanctify their godly plans,
Sanctify and on them press
Your merciful love and holiness.

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