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Beyond My Ken

O God who gives beyond our needs:

What time and cost we spend on non-essentials!
With bread and drink let us be content,
With simple clothes to cover us.
Keep us from worry over the vanities of life,
Over things beyond our control.

I strive, O Lord, not to occupy myself
With things that are beyond my ken,
Nor do I have great aspirations.
Keep me from pride and arrogance,
O God who is exalted above all.

I humble myself before your throne;
The Kingdom and the power and the glory
Belong to you, and in your hand
Are the fortunes and destinies of all man.
In your care I am content.

To attain the marvelous goal of faith —
Salvation for my soul — and to help
Another reach it as well, by example
And teaching, is the greatest work of all.
Protect me, O Father, to reach your glory.


Lord, did you ever get distracted? Was it ever difficult for you to concentrate? Did you ever lose your focus?

You are my example of keeping the goal firmly in mind. You set your face steadfastly toward Jerusalem. You never wavered doing the Father’s will, even in the sweat of blood.

Make me like you. Focus my mind. Center my heart. Firm up my decision at every step of the way. Let me never turn to the right or to the left.

Be glorified in me.