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Eternal Light

Inspired by a prayer of Alcuin of York (c. 735-804).

Eternal Light, pierce the dark with day,
Eternal Goodness, deliver me from wrong,
Eternal Power, be my strength and stay,
Eternal Wisdom, teach me where I belong,
Eternal Pity, turn me back to the way,
Eternal Joy, place on my lips your song.
Eternal Victor, with you I never lose;
Eternal Will, the heavenly glory I choose.

God of One-on-One

Dear God of one-on-one,
you know my deepest need —
Yourself, your joyous presence —
and all my vain attempts
to fill this aching void. Continue reading

God to Me

Oh, God, you are
Life to my body,
Food to my hunger,
Drink to my thirst,
Thrill to my heart,
Thought to my mind,
Choice to my will,
Light to my eyes,
Strength to my hand,
Guide to my feet,
Home to my soul.

O Lord of Thrones

God of many names and One,
I-AM who is, besides you none,
Above, below, within, without,
A small, still voice, creation’s shout;
O Lord of thrones, upon us look,
Restore to us what Satan took;
Your gracious face to earth incline,
Around this table’s bread and wine;
Of what does life consist?
To have you in our midst.


To You Belongs

To you belongs praise, O God who acts,
O God who speaks, our God of facts;
Behind the facts, a love undying
To save a world, in lostness crying. Continue reading

More about you, less about myself

Let me talk more, O Lord, about you and those things you do and delight in, and less about myself and my desires and accomplishments.

Let me study more, O God, your ways and will, and less on how I can get ahead and taste success.

Let me meditate more, O Father, on your word and your commands, and less on my wants and needs.

Let me trust wholly, O Savior, in your promises and in your plan to save, and not at all in my strategies and tactics for providing for self.

God of Heaven

God of heaven, when I feel down,
Remind me you, above, still reign,
I need no miracle, need no sign,
Only a thought of you again.

God of earth, when feet are tired,
When the aching back makes my eyes blurred,
When facing death, the heart is scared,
I’m heartened by what Jesus dared. Continue reading

What a perfect pairing!

Your thoughts and plans, O Lord, are far above the human mind, for they are superior in quality, positive in nature, infallible in their outcome, and consistent as a whole. Let me think your thoughts! Make me a part of your plans! Impress upon me the words of your will in Scripture! Continue reading

No eye has seen you

No eye has seen you, God invisible,
The God of perfect law and miracle;
You show yourself in many ways —
All speak as one, but holding the keys
To perfect knowledge of you is Christ;
He is the Son, in him the last
And final Word, the unfolded plan,
The only path for broken man. Continue reading

The Power to Do Is Yours

Praise be yours for your eternal plan,
For faithful, selfless love shared freely with man,
For wisdom in your world, for truth to guide,
For giving a mind to think and a will to decide.
The power to do is yours, from you success —
We fail and stumble often, we confess!
Lord, give us deeper faith and make us strong,
Remind us, in our hearts, to whom we belong.
To you are glory, strength, and every praise,
O holy God, for perfect are your ways!


The wonder of this world

Not just another day, O Lord, is today, but a day full of life and opportunity! Not a day to feel tired or bored or aggravated, but a day of joy and energy and gratitude!

You make the difference, O God! Be present with me. Live within me. Let your merciful reign watch over me. Make every step of mine a sign of your guidance. Continue reading

The God of all plans

You had it all planned, O Lord, the how, the why, the when, the who, the where. Down to the last detail. Your purpose would not be frustrated. Your beloved project would find success. Your word was fulfilled. Continue reading

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