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Praise Must Roll from Tongues

Heavenly Father, praise must roll from tongues
And tallest hills, from every rock and tree,
From creatures large and small, from depths and height,
From sea and space, from earth and seventh heaven.

For you, O Lord, the God who made it all,
Are sovereign over matter and murkiest mind,
You know the deepest secrets of sinful man,
Your word creates, your breath dissolves at will.

To you all glory and honor and power belong:
Besides your strength, what moves you is selfless love;
No evil’s in you, and none before you resists,
The good of light is you, and ever will be.

Blessed Word of speaking

Father in Heaven, who is present everywhere,
Bless those who travel, and those who stay at home.

Knower of all things,
Give love to those with knowledge, and give understanding to those without it.

Power of the universe,
Make the powerful compassionate, make the weak to stand.

God ever good,
Fulfill the good intention, and purify the mixed motive.

Blessed Word of speaking,
Cause hearts full of you to speak, and fill the empty soul with Christ.