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Take Us High

Make us see, O Lord, the power in prayer,
Take us high in heaven under your care,
To ask unceasingly, in time alone,
That Christ in every place be preached and known.

Save me from judging

Reach every person

Save me from judging another’s looks,
For all alike need Jesus’ care;
None are free from Satan’s hooks,
No matter what we wield or wear.

Each one a soul with life impressed,
Creation’s crown, all heaven’s pride,
The power to choose within the breast,
For every person Jesus died.

Let words of life from lips flow free,
Let Calvary’s tune reach every ear;
The suffering man make mercy see,
Make love the span, to breach our fear.

Loose my tongue

God of the living word, I wait for your power in order to speak effectively. Loose my tongue, give me speech, let the words of my mouth gain respect among the people, for the words are yours.

Cause new growth to spring forth from among your people.

Let us work together to complete our service in the Word. Let Scripture have its powerful effect upon open hearts.

Let opposition not intimidate us nor keep us from our task. We ask, as did the first-century church, for boldness.


Let the Way be plain

Prayer Way

The haughty laugh of hostile man
Would hide with lies the wholesome truth,
Make whimpering cowards and weeping maids
Of devout defenders of divine justice.

Save me, Lord, from spiteful men,
Belligerent beasts who lay in wait;
Let the Way be plain, your will be done,
The incredulous fall, and the Cross increase.



The gospel’s charm

Attractiveness of gospel

A diamond ‘midst the common stones,
A soul among sun-whitened bones,
Your fair, straight Way, where saints display
The Name above the small unknowns.

In us be seen the gospel’s charm,
Where reigns your peace, and none alarm,
Where hopes are high, and men rely
Upon your strong and powerful arm.

In Christ is heard the joyful sound,
In him is every blessing found,
His favors all to those who fall
Before the Son and Savior crowned.


May my words be only those you give me

Heavenly Father, may my words be only those you give me, and my actions be those which honor the Son. May our worship be in spirit and in truth, our message faithful to the gospel. Through these may we have unity with one another, for sake of the kingdom.

O God, our Rescuer, let my satisfaction with being holy be surpassed

O God, our Rescuer, let my satisfaction with being holy like you be surpassed only by my joy over one sinner who repents, because it echoes the joy in heaven among your angels. Use me as your agent for that one sinner to hear the good news that repentance is a real option and that salvation is near.


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