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Correct faults that mar the good example

Holy Father, correct in us those faults that mar the good example we might otherwise give before others.

Help us to keep our promises, to pay debts, to remember commitments, to guard our tongues, to avoid seeking attention and credit, to be on time, to be gentle and compassionate, to be truthful and honest in the smallest things, to carry through on projects, to finish what we start, to be generous even with small things, to draw others out rather than talk about ourselves, to be consistent in mood, to find the good in people, to be discontent with mediocrity, to mind our business, to care for the needs of others, to take time to listen.

Let love drive us to maturity.

Critical moment

Heavenly Father, help us to recognize those critical moments between faith and doubt, between obedience and sin, between selfishness and service.

Keep us from betraying or denying the Lord Jesus Christ.

Make every hour for us a step of progress toward imitating our Master.

Thank you for peace and strength. Thank you for victory. Thank you for the promise of eternal life, to know you and your Son, Jesus Christ.