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Daily Heft

Faithful, consistent, unfailing—this,
O Lord, is what you are and what
I want to be—never amiss
In duty, doing what I ought,
Loving, kind, committed—waste
Not, want not, nothing in the wind,
Feet firmly planted, no foolish haste,
Nor laggard, but with a focused mind
I’d serve, with never a selfish thought,
I’d daily heft my cross—with gladness,
Redemptive pain, approval sought
From you and only you—I’ll banish
Desire for shallow human praise—
Your truth my company’s colors to raise.

We want others to see Jesus in us

Heavenly Father, make us like Jesus, for we strive to be like him. This is our goal, because we know he pleased you in all things and shared an intimate relationship with you.

Also, we want others to see him in us, so that they might be saved through our words and actions.

Empower us to remove any thoughts or behaviors inconsistent with his life. Continue reading

If clothes make the man

Father, if clothes make the man, we want to put on Christ and be clothed with your love and compassion.

If accessories complete a wardrobe, we want to be complete in the Lord Jesus by not lacking in any attribute of his, as we imitate his example.

We want people to identify us by the attitudes and actions of him who saved us by his blood. Continue reading

Your goodness is my goad

Teach me, O God, what it means to be a true and living sacrifice to you. Let me see in Jesus that complete offering of life to your will. I want to follow his example. Help me to be willing to go wherever that decision of sacrifice leads.

Your tender mercies are my motivation. Your love and kindness lead me to this spiritual service. Your goodness is my goad. Let your grace always occupy the space of my spiritual vision. Continue reading