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Take My Life

So now, Lord, take my life.
Jonah 4.3 GW.

Dear God who gives life to man,
Take mine! Let me die the death,
Not of Jonah or Elijah, but of Christ.
Much better to die than to live!
For in dying I see your mercy,
Your patience, compassion, and love.
You’re always ready to forgive,
To relent from threats of destruction.

Dear God, in every place,
You are here — in every heart
Desire to make your abode.
Make us glad to know
Your Name and feel your goodness.
Draw us to yourself
And send us forth to town
And country to tell the News.

Bury us, Lord of waters,
And place us on solid ground.
From depths of darkest death,
To life in Jesus Christ,
Enliven us with joy
To know your blessed presence.
Ignite in us your love
To reach the city in sin.

The Storm

He said to them, “I am a Hebrew, and I worship the Lord, the God of heaven, who made the sea and the dry land.” Jonah 1.9.

Behind the storm hides your hand,
O sovereign God o’er sky and land,
The waves toss high, the winds blow hard,
For man the depths have no regard —
But you, O Lord, you look to save,
And snatch the soul from Satan’s grave.

Above the storm in heaven you reign,
O God, invisible, present in pain,
From you to Tarsis’ shores we flee,
When with your mercy we disagree.
But you, the God of second chance,
Are God of heaven’s wide expanse.

Within the storm the pagans tremble,
In ignorant worship they assemble,
But you, O God, would have them know
To whom all praise and thanks we owe.
Then cast us over — make this storm cease,
So wills and souls may be at peace.