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The Lonely Soul

The lonely soul, O Lord, has none
of your glorious Self, or else is blind
to Nearness.

Make us see the One who came
from Heaven and works among us still
in power.

Make us hear his call to love,
to seek the lonely as he himself
is seeking.

The choice to be glad

Heavenly Father, we thank you for time to be with family and to enjoy the good things of life. We ask you to bless those who have neither, those who are alone on this day, in prison, in hospital, in travels, in care homes, at service, or living alone. Bless them through us, that we might serve them in some way. Continue reading

For lonely people

Father, for those lonely people who feel most alone during holidays, bless them with companionship and friendship, especially through the family of Christ. Continue reading

Prayer for a Day’s Walk

by Grace Noll Crowell

God let me find the lonely ones
Among the throng today,
And let me say the word to take
The loneliness away.
So many walk with aching hearts
Along the old highway.
Continue reading

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