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The prayer you taught us

Oh, Lord, the prayer you taught us to pray covers the bases. We direct our hearts and thoughts to you as he who dwells in heaven and is the source of all that is good. Your relationship to us as Father determines how we regard every other relationship. The deep reverence for your name awakens in us a corresponding respect for all you have done, for the life you place in others, and for the purpose you have given us here on earth.

That purpose is wrapped up in the kingdom, in your powerful and gracious rule over mankind. May more and more people acknowledge you. Help us to work so that others may confess you.

When they do, they, like we, will fulfill your will. What we want is not important. We have so little basis for judging what is good and right and beneficial. Our emotions get in the way. Our desires drive us far from the ultimate good. We confess our limitations. We want what you want, O Lord. Make your will predominate, just as angels and spiritual beings do your will without question or doubt in the heavenly realms.

It’s a hard world down here, while all seems to go smoothly up there. We work hard, money is tight, budgets get out of control. We worry about paying bills, at the same time that we spend on unnecessary items. How we waste our resources! In all that material confusion and weakness, Father, help us to depend upon you to provide for our needs. You always have. We’ve never gone hungry. We’ve always had clothes to wear. Give us control of our income. Provide us with work of dignity and sufficiency. Continue reading

Your name is above all names

Our Father in Heaven, your name is above all names. Your glory outshines all others. Let your name be often upon our lips in reverence and respect, but never lightly nor frivolously.

May the reign of Jesus come to more and more lives. Let this world know that you rule as Sovereign. Help us speak so that many might be placed under your benevolent care.

Father, we want to do your will and are committed as your people to fulfilling it. Give us strength to obey your commands. Give us power to convert others, that they too might give up their stubborn wills in order to submit to you. Continue reading

3 distinctive characteristics of acceptable prayer

On Forthright Magazine, Mike Brooks offered these three facets of prayer, from reading the Lord’s prayer.

Note that there is no mention of posture, dress, directional orientation, or other physical requirements in our prayers. Christians are encouraged to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) but not a certain number of times per day. Paul mentions “lifting up holy hands” in prayer (1 Timothy 2:8). However, the acceptable prayer of the tax collector in Jesus’ parable was given “without so much as rais[ing] his eyes to heaven” (Luke 18:13).

Read the whole article here.

Audio: Ancil Jenkins talks about prayer

Kyle Massengale, of the Madison AL church, hosts iQuest podcast. Episode 13 highlights the topic, “Lord Teach Us To Pray.”

Episode Notes: What kind of prayer changes lives? Can prayer really move mountains? Can prayer really heal the sick? How should I pray? These are questions that moved men to request, “Lord, teach us to Pray.” A popular teacher, lecturer and author joins Kyle and guest host Mark Hester to answer these and other questions you may have on prayer. Ancil Jenkins has served as the minister of the Word in several locations throughout the United States as well as directed the “Treasure of Truth” Crusades in England, New Zealand, Autralia and New Guinea. He is a graduate of David Lipscomb University and holds advanced degrees from Abilene Christian University and Amridge University. He is an historian of the first degree in the Restoration Movement of America. He is prolific writer having published books entitled “Lord, Teach Us To Pray”, “Charles Holder: Pioneer Preacher in the Sequahatchee Valley”, A commentary on the book of Mark, “The Biography of a Gentleman: A. G. Freed”, as well as many articles on various topics.

You can download the mp3 file directly at this link.