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Make Me Yours

Bold is what I want to be,
And loving, so that all can see
God cares and moves both heaven and earth
To bring about in man that birth
That makes him sons of righteousness
And daughters in spirit, nothing less
Than fullest heirs, upward bound,
Above both gravity and ground.

O Lord, how can I not be bold,
Abides in me your Spirit of old,
How can I not have love as wide
As yours — For all men Jesus died —
For good and bad, for evil and just,
Since all return one day to dust?

Make me yours, a saint in name
And truth, unwilling to be the same
As men of this dying world, of flesh,
Renewing the mind, recalling afresh
The gift of life. Make me a man
Of courage and love, willing to span
The dividing gulf, in Jesus’ path —
And save us, save us all from wrath.

The Lonely Soul

The lonely soul, O Lord, has none
of your glorious Self, or else is blind
to Nearness.

Make us see the One who came
from Heaven and works among us still
in power.

Make us hear his call to love,
to seek the lonely as he himself
is seeking.

Love Me

Save me, Lord, for I am weak,
Love me with your love undying,
Satisfy me with all I seek,
My deepest need in Christ supplying.

Cast me, Lord, your single net,
Use me for a soul’s salvation;
Honor my tears and blood and sweat,
To build on Christ’s secure foundation.

Piety a response to grace

Lord, help my piety to be a response to your grace, and not an impulse of my guilt.

Help my works to be an outflowing of gratitude, and not a begrudging effort to win your approval.

Help my faith to be a profound confidence in your word, and not an invention of my expectations for your intervention.

Help my love to be a response in kind to your compassion and glory, rather than an extension of weak human passion.

Where Hatred Screams

Where hatred screams, let peace prevail,
Where strife strikes blows, let love not fail;
Let faith hold fast and pass the test,
May we in hope believe the best.

Insight into gospel’s simplicity

Father, let your will be our food, as it was for Jesus Christ.

Let our hearts and minds be occupied with doing what pleases you.

Give us insight into the simplicity of the gospel.

We desire the Spirit’s abode in us.

Make us content in your presence.

Show us the power of your hand as we work and serve.

Be glorified in us and in your church.

Give us life, strength, and vitality in the Lord Jesus.

Motivate us with your love.

I’ve Said It

I trust you — There! I’ve said it!
The future — how I dread it!
I know not what’s ahead
Beyond my daily bread.

I need you — How I feel it!
The devil mustn’t steal it!
He says you’re not for real,
He’d rob me of my zeal.

I love you — I need to say it!
For yours, I cannot weigh it!
Your reign is why I pray,
To come the final day.

Careless with the gospel

Put my mind behind the eyes of my neighbor, dear God, that I might see from his perspective and have insight in how to speak to him and reach him for eternal salvation.

At the same time, let me be, to a point, careless with the gospel, seeking to share it at every moment, with every person, regardless of their station in life.

Give me compassion for all. Increase my love for your creation and for your word.

Move us forward in our own walk with you and in service to our fellow man.

In all, O Lord, may you be glorified in us.

Let Me Not Forget

Let me not overlook, O Lord,
Those little deeds that few will do:
The works that warm, the follow-through,
The loving ear, the heartening word —

The power, O God, of the promise kept,
In fair and foul, the present friend,
With tears to shed and time to spend! —
To serve, O Servant, let me not forget.

Ourselves to Serve

As evil spreads, relieve our hearts’ distress;
Than self may we not love our neighbor less.
O God, turn men to truth, ourselves to serve,
From following Jesus let us never swerve.

This Single Pearl

O Savior! Work in me your righteousness,
And let me welcome suffering in my soul,
My time to learn my weakness, find your strength,
And grow in purity and holiness. Continue reading

Let change for good begin with me

Let change for good, O God, begin with me!
To me give words of power to save and build.
By your delight a different man I’d be:
May I with your desire to bless be filled. Continue reading

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