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Many and varied experiences of life

Immutable God, thank you for the many and varied experiences of life through which you teach us so much.

You teach us wonder at your gracious hand upon our souls.

You teach us discipline, in order that we may be holy. Continue reading

Your way is simple

Wise Father, your way is simple. We humans complicate our lives because we refuse to follow your way. We live for the moment. We let passions dominate us. We live for self. Then come the consequences. Continue reading

We know the God who stiffens our resolve

Father of lights, Simon Peter was so sure of his commitment to the very end, yet he buckled under pressure. His pronouncement sounded bold, but his heart gave way because he did not understand the mission of his Lord. He placed his hope in politics and battles of war, and when the Promised One took that from him, he fled. Continue reading

When we don’t feel like praying

Constant, unchanging, immutable God, our moods and thoughts frequently fluctuate. We sometimes do not feel like praying. The flesh is weak. Satan manages to distract us. We leave off meditating on the Word. Prayer grows cold, and our time for you withers on the vine. Continue reading

Help the indecisive to follow the Lord

For those who have learned the truth but have yet to obey it, Lord, we pray. Possession of the truth is precious. So few have heard the gospel. To be blessed by someone sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Continue reading

Thanks for small victories

Thank you, God above, for small victories. Let us not overlook them as we wait for the greater triumph. Help us to make the small victories accumulate until they lead to the ultimate one.

Unknown the evil face

Unknown the evil face behind
Those gentle words and pleasant smiles;
So make me see, where others are blind,
The hidden intent of the  devil’s wiles. Continue reading

Far from your presence

Nothing surpasses having a clean heart, O God, so that we may come near to you. Far from your presence, we chase after love in endless pursuit and constant frustration. Let us turn to you in full confidence of faith, knowing that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin, that the Spirit transforms us into the divine image, and that you work in us and through us and for us for your eternal glory. Continue reading

A perfect purpose

A perfect purpose planned
And carried out flawlessly,
Before the start of time,
When nothing was but You:
Spirit, thought, and Trinity,
Love contained in itself,
Desire to spread and touch
Another being, a soul
Free to choose or reject.

For such a plan as this,
O Lord, we give you praise.

Today we begin NaPraWriMo. Join in!

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