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The Evil Slippery Slope

The gospel brings salvation for mankind,
The only power to save the maimed and blind;
O Lord, keep me from ever feeling shame,
But always offer to all the blessed Name.

For saving grace obedient faith’s required;
By Christ confessed is righteousness acquired.
In him, O God, resides my glorious hope —
Preserve me from the evil slippery slope.

The difference in this world

Psalm 1.2

O God, help me to find pleasure in obedience. Let my thoughts be taken up day and night with your blessed word. Keep me from the wicked way.

I want to please you. I want to know you better. I want to live in your light.

Make me the difference in this world that shows where love and peace and hope abide.

As Holy Branches

God, let your Word not condemn us,
We hear and do, we love and know,
Believe, obey, in grace we grow;
As holy branches, let it trim us.

We have no excuse

We have no excuse, O Lord who knows our hearts. You have revealed yourself to us in Jesus Christ and made that revelation available in Scripture. You have provided the way back to yourself. You freely give your Spirit to enable us in our faith.  We can pray to you at any time for our needs. You have left nothing to chance, with every purpose fulfilled, and every plan brought to fruition. Continue reading

May your will be our way

Help us to be not only hearers of the Word, O Lord, but doers. We come to do your will. Speak, and we obey. Let your Spirit act in us today. Continue reading

Drag us from the closet

Father who knows the depths of every heart, you know that we often bring before you the same concerns and requests, but you also know that they are not vain repetitions, for they are sincere petitions, intense desires to see good accomplished and your name glorified among everyone. Continue reading

How can I come near you?

How can I come near you, Lord, in the purity of your holiness? You explode all my senses with your powerful presence. I fall on my face, and fear overcomes me. Continue reading

Let me listen

Lord, let me listen with all my faculties to your word, that I might practice it fully.

Let me also listen with focused attention to those around me.

By listening to both, help me to bring those I hear to listen to you. Amen.

Father, as we impress upon others your mercy, let us never compromise the truth

Father, as we impress upon others your goodness and mercy, let us never compromise the truth that all must repent and obey in order to be saved. For your grace is in receiving Jesus’ sacrifice, your "command is eternal life," because Jesus "became the source of eternal salvation for everyone who obeys him." Let that truth animate me to speak and live for Him.

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