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Inflamed with War

The world’s inflamed with war —
Neighbor against his neighbor,
Nations set upon nations,
Race divides, and riches. Continue reading

That I may breathe freely

Let me not seek outside of you
what I can only find in you, O Lord.
Peace and rest, and joy and bliss,
which abide only in your abiding joy.

Lift up my soul above the weary round
of harassing thoughts to your eternal presence. Continue reading

When you are present

When you are present, God of my life, every place is a sacred place, every hour a moment dedicated to your glory, every person a potential saint.

Be present with me, live within me, act and speak through me, reign ever over me. Continue reading

Before I Change My Mind

Give me not up, O God,
my heart is slow to believe,
my eyes have seen too much
of pain, of a jaded world
and I so quick to judge. Continue reading

On earth, the harmony of heaven

Thank you, Lord, that our lives may be orderly in this chaotic world. You who brought order to the universe out of the emptiness and shapelessness of our earth bring and desire for us the peace and harmony that exists in heaven.

We praise you for making us creatures who need such orderliness, in order to function well in your realm.

Use us also to bring this same order, in which you reign, to those whose lives are upended by human passions and sins. For where you are, there peace is.

A bubble of hope


Give us a new spirit, O God, willing to risk for you, with the joy of life in our hearts and grace always upon our lips.

Let complaint not mar our day. Continue reading

Another day, another dawn

Another day, another dawn
Of opportunity, old things
Have passed away; the passion of Christ
Enlivens the heart and lifts the spirit.

Praise belongs to the Prince of Peace,
Both honor and glory are yours, O God;
From sin you saved my wandering soul,
Salvation is mine, and victory’s assured.

Though freedoms are lost, and friends abandon,
With me remain the words of the Master,
With hope and peace as highest possessions,
The comfort of God my constant good.

The coming day

Lord, give me strength to greet
The coming day in peace;
Keep firm my moving feet,
Make all good fruit increase.

Remind me of your will,
On your light I rely,
To none may I do ill,
But good to passersby.


In heavy traffic and full agendas

prayer agendaMay God the provider
of inner solace
in the midst of doubt
be the peace in our hearts today;

May Jesus our guide
in heavy traffic
and full agendas
be the hope in our hearts today;

May the Spirit of truth
among voices of error
which clamor for clout
be the strength in our hearts today.

–Adapted from an ancient prayer

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We rush to and fro as if we lived in caves and had to kill our food fresh each day!

Lord, as I read of life in the 1600s among oppressed peoples, I’m impressed again with what convenience, what ease, what pleasant blessings are ours. But still we murmur, still we fret, still we rush to and fro as if we lived in caves and had to kill our food fresh each day! Forgive us as we lay our hands upon our mouths.


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