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Where Rainbows Die

O God,
no harsher word
and none more fearful
than being lost,
where hope vanishes
and love dribbles away,
where rainbows die
and laughter is unknown.

Lead us into this valley,
O Lord, to feel
perdition’s cold fingers.

Abandon us not
in that dark place,
but bring us out
to where the sun
shines without
a shadow of cloud.

Lord, You Know

Lord, you know who needs the gospel truth,
To free them from the chains of Satan’s lies,
To live in perfect peace and certain hope,
To receive that purest love that never fails.

May I, O God, on hearing your surest word,
Know too who stands without the cleansing blood;
Give to your humble servant the courage of love
To speak the only message that saves the sinner.