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The difference in this world

Psalm 1.2

O God, help me to find pleasure in obedience. Let my thoughts be taken up day and night with your blessed word. Keep me from the wicked way.

I want to please you. I want to know you better. I want to live in your light.

Make me the difference in this world that shows where love and peace and hope abide.

Not afraid to do good

Dear God, let me do my tasks with dedication and with all powers at my disposal. Let me enjoy the present. Thank you for the pleasures of the moment that, although eternity is but a step away, you provide for us as reminders of heavenly blessing.

Give strength and patience to us, to our children, and to our family of faith, as we face life’s misfortunes and sadness. Let the peace of Christ rule in us at every moment and in every circumstance.

Be with us and help us to feel your presence, so that we might be content and full of love. Keep tiredness at bay. Let our zeal not flag.

Help us not to be afraid to do good. May your grace make us stand and keep us strong to overcome. Let nothing upset our firm trust in you and our certainty of hope.

Give us the attitude of our Lord Jesus who saw each moment as a chance to let your glory shine.

This Single Pearl

O Savior! Work in me your righteousness,
And let me welcome suffering in my soul,
My time to learn my weakness, find your strength,
And grow in purity and holiness. Continue reading

What pleasures for our enjoyment!

Father, what pleasures you give us for our enjoyment! We can only imagine what the joys of heaven must be like. If in this life so many good things surround us, the marvels of eternal life must be so far beyond them that our human minds cannot grasp. Continue reading

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