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Heap Your Hottest Coals

By J. Randal Matheny © 2016

Oh, God above, look down upon us,
Have mercy on our suffering souls;
We seek your presence, come redeem us,
With kindness heap your hottest coals.

Our God of mercy, work your wonders,
Melt our dross and sin away,
Mold us, Lord of light and thunders,
Your rod of pain to shape this clay.

Great God who stirs the ocean’s depths,
Whose holiness corrects each wrong,
Who shares with all your thousand strengths —
For lifelong battle make us strong.

As I Shall Wish at the End I’d Done

  Based on a prayer by Thomas a Kempis

What a day brings forth, who can tell?
So let me live as it were my last,
Indeed, might toll the grieving bell
Before this sun is gone and past.

Cause me now to live this day,
As I shall wish at the end I’d done;
When comes my time to steal away,
Let my regrets be few — or none! Continue reading

Tossed on the Sea as Froth

Psalm 44

In spite of what befalls us,
We don’t forget the Lord,
We’re true to him who calls us,
Not false to his covenant word.

Our hearts have kept the faith,
Our feet strayed not from the path,
Though tossed on the sea as froth,
Though we have felt his wrath.

Rouse yourself from sleep,
O Lord, we sink in the dust;
Raise us up from the deep,
In you, our King, we trust.


Swallowed Pain

Lord, hear our inner groans,
our unseen suffering, silent
affliction, swallowed pain.

We see your cross of blood,
betrayal, dark and craven,
in agony, utterly alone.

We speak to One who knows
the depth of anguish, finding
in Him our meaning of peace.

Don’t Stand Aloof

In Jesus Christ, O God, you came from afar,
With all my being I seek you, with talon and tooth,
Don’t stand aloof from me — quickly come near!
Dear God, I’m nothing without your love and truth!
Let shine your light upon me strong and clear,
In passing years I seek you, as in my youth,
Be not to me a distant, twinkling star.

That I Might See the Opportunity

Words are multiplied, O God, but acts of love are rare.
This world of war and hate know little of life that’s pleasant and fair.
I may not change the course of nations or cause the battle to cease,
Among my neighbors, though, I can promote a spirit of peace.
Give wisdom, Lord, that I might see the opportunity
To speak of Christ, to show his grace, to offer community.
Perfect in me that love of yours for saint and sinner both,
While fleeing sin, let me sow seed to spur the kingdom’s growth.


To Breathe Is Pain

The soul is barren, Lord, and all around is desert sand,
Relief is far away, no one to help or lend a hand,
To breathe is pain, to move or think requires tremendous force,
I have no power within, no means to seek another source.

Come save me, O Almighty! Reach me by your mighty arm!
Come quickly, many are they of Satan’s horde to do me harm!
Come rescue me — dying in the dark and bottomless pit!
Until redeemed, for love and life and work I’m most unfit.


Let change for good begin with me

Let change for good, O God, begin with me!
To me give words of power to save and build.
By your delight a different man I’d be:
May I with your desire to bless be filled. Continue reading

Who will comfort when faith is stalling?

When hearts are heavy, and tears are falling,
Where can we go, who’ll heed our calling?
When hopes are dimming, and faith grows weak,
When hands go slack, who can we seek —
Who will comfort when faith is stalling? Continue reading

So Tired, O Lord

So tired, O Lord, I’m tired —
The weight of life is crushing,
My duties always pushing,
I’m feeling uninspired. Continue reading

When we grow faint and frail

When we grow faint and frail,
Let not our tempers flare,
Let not our tongue come untied,
Let trials not cause despair.

Keep the cord from fraying,
Keep our feet from straying,
Keep our wills from swaying,
Be our certain strength and guide.

The flesh is weak and weary,
Our eyes are tired and teary,
The path is dry and dreary,
Let your power in us prevail.


Prayer for a Day’s Walk

by Grace Noll Crowell

God let me find the lonely ones
Among the throng today,
And let me say the word to take
The loneliness away.
So many walk with aching hearts
Along the old highway.
Continue reading


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