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In peace with your provisions

Lord, let us be in peace with your provisions. Thank for your blessings. We are content.

Keep us from putting our trust in things. Let us not seek security in accumulation of material goods.

Help us to live simply. Keep us from spending on accessories that add nothing to our quality of life, but that take away from the good that we might do for others and from the support that we might give to your work.

As we see your free generosity in Christ, create in us the desire to bless others.

No eye has seen you

No eye has seen you, God invisible,
The God of perfect law and miracle;
You show yourself in many ways —
All speak as one, but holding the keys
To perfect knowledge of you is Christ;
He is the Son, in him the last
And final Word, the unfolded plan,
The only path for broken man. Continue reading

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