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Man of Faith

Lord, help me be a man of faith,
To grasp your promise, the ground beneath
My confidence, in me perfect
Your love, the Spirit’s power unchecked.

Each Man Fights His War

Blind and weak, O Lord, are we,
So give us strength, and make us see;
As each man fights his war
Against the lion’s roar,
Assured of final victory.

In us the fleshly battles rage,
But we the powers of God engage,
Confessing every need
For will and word and deed,
To gain by faith the eternal age.

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Before you, Lord, I humble my soul,
In need of love and grace and sight;
Lift up my heart, I give it whole,
Empower my hands to save and smite.

To save the lost, to smite the foe,
To love the lonely, to flee from wrong,
To walk the way of Christ below,
To join the angels in heavenly song.

Insight into gospel’s simplicity

Father, let your will be our food, as it was for Jesus Christ.

Let our hearts and minds be occupied with doing what pleases you.

Give us insight into the simplicity of the gospel.

We desire the Spirit’s abode in us.

Make us content in your presence.

Show us the power of your hand as we work and serve.

Be glorified in us and in your church.

Give us life, strength, and vitality in the Lord Jesus.

Motivate us with your love.

Power and Focus

In perfect measure, at pondered time,
You move and act and make from naught
Creations of your earnest heart.

My wandering thoughts need One direction,
Give power from heaven, point of focus,
And lasting fruit for lavish praise.

In truth lie our hope and strength

Strengthen us, O Lord, to resist Satan and to subdue sin in our lives. Help us to do what is right. Keep our eyes fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ, who did not sin and who always pleased you by doing your will.

Keep us from being naive. Let us not underestimate the power of Satan to deceive. Remind us, however, of the greater power of your Spirit, the marvelous Force of your Word, the live, ongoing transformation that Jesus works in us. Continue reading

The Fuller Scope

Lord, let no worldly thought disturb
Your peace in me, no passion curb
My joy in Christ, let nothing cause
The loss of faith — let me give pause
To count my blessings — show me hope
That outlives time, the fuller scope
Of spiritual power, the depth of love,
Your majesty in the form of a dove.


A bubble of hope


Give us a new spirit, O God, willing to risk for you, with the joy of life in our hearts and grace always upon our lips.

Let complaint not mar our day. Continue reading

Make us see with eyes of faith

Lord, make us see with eyes of faith your providence and care for your children, as you guide us in the ways of Christ.

Fix in our hearts the eternal purpose in Christ so that we may share it with others who flail about with no direction.

Deliver your people! Empower the nation that belongs to you! Care for them like a shepherd and carry them in your arms at all times! (Psa 28.9 NET).

We trust in your promise to do this. Amen.

I ask for power from your Spirit for the inner person

Lord, I bow my knee before you as the Father of the great family scattered across the face of the earth, to ask for power from your Spirit for the inner person, for me and for all your children who serve you in love and faithfulness.


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