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Give wisdom to measure our steps rightly

We praise you, God of David, Solomon, and Hezekiah, for your faithfulness to your promises, for hearing the pleas of your servants, and for blessing far and beyond all expectations.  Continue reading

Praise is Yours

Praise is yours as God almighty,
Power belongs to you, and glory;
You throw down the proud and haughty,
Humble souls you lift and carry.

A Hymn of Praise and Desire

O God of love, we praise and laud thee,
Let none be silent and defraud thee,
We’d know thy grace, at night and early,
We’d love like thee, in truth, sincerely. Continue reading

A perfect purpose

A perfect purpose planned
And carried out flawlessly,
Before the start of time,
When nothing was but You:
Spirit, thought, and Trinity,
Love contained in itself,
Desire to spread and touch
Another being, a soul
Free to choose or reject.

For such a plan as this,
O Lord, we give you praise.

Today we begin NaPraWriMo. Join in!

Let praise be yours both loud and long

Guide us in your godly way,
Give us strength to hold at bay
Temptations, darkened thoughts of wrong,
Of self, of places we don’t belong. Continue reading

Permit that we may know your majesty

god-sovereign-rulerYou, O sovereign God, rule over all, over every people and nation, over every man and woman, over all the universe which depends upon your sustenance in every moment in time.

Let us see your greatness, permit that we may know your majesty, though we ask not for any miraculous sign or stupendous wonder. We would know, O Lord, the Name that is beyond our grasp to perceive. Continue reading

May this day be yours


God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we praise you for your goodness toward your people, for allowing us part in both receiving and taking the gospel into the world. Continue reading

You are God, the Lord of life

You are God, the Lord of life,
Yahweh, the Eternal is your name,
You were, you are, will ever be,
No turning shadow, e’er the same. Continue reading

Weakness you do not despise

Praise to you, O God, for welcoming your children into your presence at any hour of the day. Thank you for accepting your people before you. Continue reading

Before the earthly waters cleaved

Creation man

Praise to you, O God, who gives
In Christ all spiritual blessing, lives
Within our hearts, and guides our feet
To where the Savior and sainted meet.

Before the earthly waters cleaved,
Your perfect plan, in heaven conceived,
Chose men for grace, for order called,
In Eden Adam and Eve installed.

For man was made the universe,
That he your glories might rehearse,
Open to you that inner space,
Enjoy your presence face to face.

In us you set the hot desire
For heaven to which we may retire,
The Lord’s return we, breathless, wait,
While knocking on Jerusalem’s gate.

The gospel’s charm

Attractiveness of gospel

A diamond ‘midst the common stones,
A soul among sun-whitened bones,
Your fair, straight Way, where saints display
The Name above the small unknowns.

In us be seen the gospel’s charm,
Where reigns your peace, and none alarm,
Where hopes are high, and men rely
Upon your strong and powerful arm.

In Christ is heard the joyful sound,
In him is every blessing found,
His favors all to those who fall
Before the Son and Savior crowned.


Your light is life

Lord God, your light is life, your word is pure
To cleanse and make me whole, your will’s allure
Gives meaning to every day and every plan.
For you do all in Christ to rescue man.

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